We have been through a half of dozen companies who hung a shingle as an “IT guy” but could do little more than a disc clean-up on their schedule. IMPACT Technology Group is the professional IT team that keeps our business running efficiently and is always a mouse click away. If you think a professional is expensive, you should see what an amateur costs you.

Coastal Commodities
Eastville, VA

In the fast-paced business of public accounting, employing the most current information technology systems is not only time-saving, but crucial to remain competitive and provide the best service to clients. With those goals in mind, Carl Hoffman and Associates, Inc. has become a virtual partner with Justin Kelley and the IMPACT Technology Group on the Eastern Shore. Justin keeps our network consisting of ten computers running at top efficiency, and he’s a master technician at trouble-shooting problems with individual desktop computers, networking, printing, faxing, Microsoft programs, and privacy and data security. This is never more important than during tax season, when the workload is highest and deadlines–many created by clients who need a fast turn-around on corporate tax returns–come the quickest. Technology failures during tax season can literally result in a loss of clients if work is significantly delayed. That is why we rely solely on IMPACT Technology Group to keep our network safe and running. If there’s a problem, they respond immediately and efficiently every time; for example, on one occasion, through a technical glitch, we lost several critical documents, and even though our staff is computer savvy, nobody could find these forms. We called IMPACT Technology, and Mr. Kelley not only fixed the cause of the problem, but also recovered all of these documents immediately, averting what would have been a business crisis. Any business that relies on computer networks should consider calling IMPACT Technology. They have helped us keep our computers and network reliable and our business growing, and they have our strongest endorsement.

Carl Hoffman and Associates
Salisbury, MD

We have followed Justin for all of our computer/networking needs since 2001, where he went we went. In fact, I was one of the first people that encouraged him to start his own business because he is that good at what he does! I'm very proud of him for making it what it is today and it continues to grow into what I'd consider the best IT company on the shore. IMPACT does a fantastic job monitoring our network, notifies us if something has happened with our server and has someone immediately working on a resolution. Justin has also surrounded himself with a stellar staff that share his same work ethic and attention to detail, which is refreshing.

Dr. Charles Brenner, DDS
Salisbury, MD

We love IMPACT! The Staff is AWESOME to work with. Very professional and polite. Justin has built an experienced and very knowledgeable team.

Wicomico County Housing Authority
Salisbury, MD

I have to tell you guys that without you I would be lost here at work. You have saved us so many times when we have had problems (like every other day) and you are ALWAYS quick to reply and come to our office when we need you. Brandon is exceptional and pretends not to mind helping me even when it is a VERY simple matter that he needs to fix for me. Our computers seem to have a lot of problems, I am guessing more than most, yet you guys are always friendly and courteous and promptly arrive here to help us get back to working. Sometimes I think maybe you are too good, as a little down time might be good for us sometimes! Haha! But no, you always come through. So really I just wanted to say “Thank you” since I had a chance!

Peninsula Surgical Group
Salisbury, MD

Good morning! I wanted to reach out to you to let you know that I had lunch with a local accountant last week and your name came up during our conversation. We were talking about IT and he said you were the best IT guy in Salisbury - hands down! It was a nice coincidence for me - having just met you. My hat is off to you - it is not every day that someone gets a compliment like that and I wanted you to know what was said.

Good morning Justin. Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that Greg came by last week and did a fantastic job fixing my computer. He did a wonderful job and was very professional. He was also very polite, pleasant and understanding of my situation. I don't know if you work with individual home based computers or just business applications, but if you work with home based individuals, I would like to be counted as a client. Anyway, this is just a short note to thank both you and Greg for helping me out and I hope to work with you in the future.

Ocean City, MD

Over time, I have come to have complete trust in Justin's ability and that of his company to keep my company up and running. He is there to answer my questions and to respond to my issues in a most timely fashion. He has continued to fully support products he sold to us and I appreciate the straight answers on recommendations for systems improvements.

Salisbury, MD

I can't emphasize enough the level of service we receive with IMPACT Technology Group. Our business has relied on them for years to keep things running smoothly and they've consistently come through.

W.R. McCain & Associates
Salisbury, MD