Home Automation

Delivering a complete media experience

Enjoying your media doesn’t have to be limited to your den or home theater complete home automation solutions. For example, say you want to plug your music player into a dock and hear the music throughout your home – we’re the people who can make it happen. IMPACT provides a complete media experience by giving you a customized media distribution solution that fits your specific needs and requirements, whether it be at home or in your business.

Integrated, whole-house audio/visual systems bring sharp picture and crisp audio to every room in the house. Flat-panel HDTV displays and surround-sound speakers are installed flush with the walls, out of the way but always there when you need them. In the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, laundry room, walk-in closet-anywhere you find yourself, a world of media is possible.

Home automation is the future, and that’s why Impact got the jump on it before almost anyone else. We think it’s as crucial a part of the great home as mind-blowing sound and picture that pops. But we didn’t come up with these capabilities on our own.

Our expert team makes it possible for you to access media content, be it video or audio, from anywhere in your home or office. Our media distribution systems also allow for your media storage, making it readily available whenever you need it. IMPACT Technology Group puts the power in your hands, with a user-friendly interface to control your media system that you and your family or staff can understand.

Don’t settle for anything but the best in audio and video systems.

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