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To inspire your staff, look to the Cloud

With Cloud computing from IMPACT Technology Group, using, upgrading and maintaining your IT has never been simpler. Your technology, software and applications are hosted by our team of experts, which means you can eliminate the cost of investing in new infrastructure, licensing new software and training new employees - saving you money and letting you focus on your business.

"It was a nice coincidence for me - having just met you. My hat is off to you - it is not every day that someone gets a compliment like that and I wanted you to know what was said."

Dana M.

Cloud Services from IMPACT are:

  • Scalable - your technology can grow as your business does
  • Tailor-made - built around your specific business needs
  • Available On-the-go - get access from your mobile device
  • Affordable - cost-effective technology pays for itself

Our Cloud Services include powerful tools to streamline your business processes, including but not limited to:

  • Web Hosting - Our Web design services include everything from site development and planning to execution, maintenance and hosting, so you can get your business online.
  • Hosted Microsoft Dynamics® CRM - Collaborate in Microsoft Outlook and other applications to enhance marketing, sales and customer service with leading software.
  • Hosted SharePoint - Allow real-time collaboration, store important files online, edit files, write blogs and wikis and manage mailboxes with one simple solution.
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2010 & Exchange 2007 - Improve communications with business e-mail and collaboration tools including shared calendars, tasks, contacts, public folders and email. For mobile use, add on BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile devices - for one low price.
  • Office 365 - Collaborate in the Microsoft Office on the Cloud.
  • Advanced Email Features - host your email archives on the Cloud, protect against viruses and filter spam.
  • Surveillance - the footage of your security cameras will be stored in the Cloud.
  • Cloud Desktops and Servers - DaaS and IaaS allowing you to put your desktops, servers, applications, and entire infrastructure in the Cloud.

These powerful solutions can be designed to meet the unique requirements of your company. If you could benefit from increased market share, greater efficiency or a better bottom line, Cloud Services from IMPACT are the answer.

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