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Some people think that we are crazy for offering free services. The truth is, some people may take advantage of us, but we know that most Salisbury IMPACT Technology Group are just honest people trying to find someone they can trust to fix and maintain their computer network. I know that we are hands down the best at what we do, but I don’t think it’s fair for you to risk your money to find out.

We'll answer key questions such as:

  • Are your IT systems truly secured from hackers, cyber criminals, viruses, worms and even sabotage from rogue employees?
  • Are your backups configured properly to ensure that you could be back up and running again fast in a disaster?
  • Are you unknowingly exposing your company to expensive fines and litigation under new data breach laws?
  • Could you utilize cheaper and more efficient cloud computing technologies to lower IT costs and make it easier to work remotely?
  • Are your systems optimized for maximum speed and performance?

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In the fast-paced business of public accounting, employing the most current information technology systems is not only time-saving, but crucial to remain competitive and provide the best service to clients. With those goals in mind, Carl Hoffman and Associates, Inc. has become a virtual partner with Justin Kelley and the IMPACT Technology Group on the Eastern Shore.

Carl Hoffman and Associates
Salisbury, MD

We have been through a half of dozen companies who hung a shingle as an “IT guy” but could do little more than a disk clean-up on their schedule. IMPACT Technology Group is the professional IT team that keeps our business running efficiently and is always a mouse click away. If you think a professional is expensive, you should see what an amateur costs you.

Coastal Commodities
Eastville, VA