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So, you are a business owner or an IT manager, and you have hired a Maryland IT support company to manage your support operations.

This is a great move because it allows you to focus on running the business instead of channeling much of your energy and attention towards tech support.

All operations seem to be moving on smoothly until you notice that the numbers are falling through the cracks; customer acquisition, sales, profits, positive reviews, and feedback, return clients, employee productivity and hits on KPIs all seem to be dwindling.

On the contrary System failures, customer complaints, and virus attacks seem to be on the rise. These are some of the telltale signs your current managed it services Maryland partner is failing, and you should think of switching.

Of course, you should not walk out at the first sign of trouble; each IT support company has its own challenges and it just might be going through a short spell of inadequacies.

But this doesn’t mean that you should be stick with them all the way to bankruptcy hoping for the best.

But then again, at what point should you start considering changing manage IT support service provider?

Here are some solid signs you should change the IT support company you are using now:

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1. Their Maryland IT Support & Help Desk Systems Are No Longer Up To Date

Your Maryland IT support Company seems to have lost track of your progress and some updates and upgrades are running months behind.

Additionally, your relationship with the company has become a reactive one; something breaks, you call them and then wait for ages for it to be fixed.

They stopped being proactive and taking initiative, and now all that is left is for you to chase them around when something goes wrong.

At this point, your support provider is not in your space anymore, the relationship seems to have broken down. This is not how things should be.

You may be too busy and don’t have time to start searching for a new it support Maryland provider or feel like you are stuck with them, but that is no reason for you to stay and continue counting loses.

2. Service Desk Staff Is Abrupt

If it seems like your phone calls are being answered on the move, or you are being kept on hold for a little too long, chances are all is not well.

Any sign that the support staff team is overstretched may mean that the company does not have sufficient IT support skills and staff, or they are using poor technology in managing and handling support calls or tickets.

If Your Help Desk Staff IS This Fun Then You Are Doing It Right...

3. Unprofessional Engineers/Technicians On Site

It’s a fact that most employees in the IT field tend to be more comfortable in jeans and t-shirts; however, this is not a ticket to look shady and unprofessional.

Onsite support technicians turning up at your office looking and behaving less than professional is a sign of lack of management control and seriousness.

4. Lots of Repeat Calls & Sub-Par Service

If solving a single problem requires a series of endless phone calls, then your IT support Maryland provider may lack a solid customer support structure, remote access, and on-site capability are needed to deliver solutions in the promised response times.

Poor communication is probably one of the most frustrating drawbacks you can encounter with an IT support service provider.

5. They Do Not Honor Contracts

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If you have fully outsourced your IT support services to a support company, chances are you signed a contract or some sort of agreement that spells out the terms of engagement.

Things like the scope of support, systems covered, response times, communication, payments and period of engagement would be outlined.

While you might leave a little room knowing that information technology changes by the minute, your support service provider should not misuse this provision.

They should carry out on the times within the scope and timelines outlined in the contract, and communicate promptly in the event of any deviation.

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Final Words On Choosing Quality IT Support Maryland Companies

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When or if you finally decide to switch Maryland IT Support companies, make sure you have all the necessary system documentation such as passwords and usernames, keys and licenses, user manuals, etc.

Additionally, be sure to inform your current IT support Maryland support company of your intention to switch companies and clear with them in advance.

If you have used the service provider for a long period, it might seem difficult leaving them at first and you feel like you are stuck with them.

However, staying a day longer may do more harm than good!