Who is IMPACT?

IMPACT is the leading IT and technology services firm that provides all-inclusive and complete IT, Document Solution, Voice and Web solutions to businesses, non-profits, municipalities, and schools in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. IMPACT provides its unique approach in delivering its solutions from years of discipline and experience in the IT industry.

  • We Provide Turn-Key Standardization of your Network, Processes and Security
  • Our Entire System is Process Driven and Disciplined for Maximum Results
  • We Strive to Make IT and Technology Fun
  • Your Network "Up Time" is our #1 Priority

Why We Do What We Do

IMPACT and all its team members love technology and what it can do to improve lives, improve processes, and improve your business. We infuse technology innovation in our solutions, support, and people to allow your organization to improve and facilitate enhanced processes, better outcomes and make technology work for you.

   "We Absolutely Love This Stuff ... IT Is Our Passion"

How We Deliver Such Consistent and Great Results

We like to call it the "IMPACT Way". By taking years of experience, industry best practices, skills from our may talented engineers and network administrators, and "what just works", we are able to deliver organizations a consistent, reliable and secure technology platform to allow them to reach its true potential. Our turn-key system allows you to adopt a set of standards and processes that equates to technology that works all the time, minimal interruption, a group of advisers to guide you through the ever-changing and dynamic technology landscape, and provide FAST support from an entire team when you need it most.

Our Story

IMPACT Technology Group Inc. was founded by its owner, and current President, Justin Kelley in 2006 originally as IMPACT Networks. Justin worked with other area companies that did not truly understand the importance of IT for business success or implement the solutions that obtained the degree of satisfaction with customers he demanded of himself. Justin wanted his customers to realize the value of their IT, leverage it, and grow their businesses. After talking with his friends at Impact Audio Video, Justin realized the importance and demand for a complete technology solution provider in the area.

Since then, we have remained dedicated to providing state-of-the-art IT support, service and products that allow our clients to get ahead of the competition and achieve greater success.